Pont Neuf Paris

The Pont Neuf in Paris, the oldest bridge over the Seine, is illuminated by compact fluorescence, fluorescent tubes and a line of xenon lamps. The details and the surface of the bridge are illuminated by compact-fluorescent lighting with a colour temperature of 2700 k. The balustrades are illuminated by a line of xenon lamps. The arches are lit by the 3000 k fluorescent tubes positioned at the top of the pilasters.

All of the light sources are covered by a screen (in the same colour as the stones of the bridge), so that there is no dazzle to disturb the traffic on the river or the pedestrians on the banks. The lampposts for public street lighting that were later added to the bridge constitute part of its architecture during the daytime. In the evening and at night, the lampposts blend into the surroundings and are no longer noticed.

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