(b) East-West section. View to North
(c) North-South section. View to West
(d) North-South section. View to East Figure 15. Typical presentation of damages.

arches just below the squinches presented severe dislocation near their crown, followed by out of plane deformations of the squinches themselves. Cracks appeared also in all the groin vaults of the church. The structural condition of the dome (reconstructed at 1891 and damaged soon after its reconstruction at 1894), was assessed as extremely critical immediately after the earthquake (Delinikolas et al. 1999, Miltiadou et al. 2003a, 2003b). Horizontal cracks have appeared along the perimeter of the drum (both at its base and top). In the piers of the drum that are situated perpendicular to the East-West direction, horizontal cracks (due to out-of-plane bending) have opened at their top and bottom. In the piers that are situated parallel to the E-W axis, diagonal or bi-diagonal (shear) cracks have appeared. In the intermediate piers, mixed type of (less severe) cracks was observed. This pathological image does seem to confirm seismological data regarding the predominant direction of the 1999 earthquake. Thanks to the external upper metal tie-rod, confining the hemispherical dome near the springing level, the occurrence of severe cracking of the dome's shell was prevented.

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