The challenge - to implant in the community a modern approach to sustainable development that takes into consideration the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the city - requires concerted action from all parties concerned.

This project is supported by several public and religious institutions, including the following: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural.

Organization - UNESCO, Instituto do Património Histórico Artístico Nacional - IPHAN, The Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG, The Federal

University of Ouro Preto - UFOP, State Institute for Historical and Artistic Heritage - IEPHA, the State Forestry Foundation - IEF, the State Public Funding Agency, Municipality of Ouro Preto - PMOP, Municipal Chamber of Ouro Preto - CMOP, the Gor-ceix Foundation, parish of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, parish of Santa Efigenia and the Sociedade Soto Zen do Brasil. In addition, there is support from various NGO's, such as the Associagao de Protegao Ambiental Ouro Preto - APAOP (Ouro Preto Environmental Protection Association), the Amigos do Patimonio Cultural e Natural de Ouro Preto - AMO Ouro Preto (Friends of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Ouro Preto) and the Federagao das Associates de Moradores de Ouro Preto- FAMOP (Federation of Residents Associations of Ouro Preto).

This project is coordinated by IPHAN, developed in partnership with The Federal University of Ouro Preto - UFOP, Municipality of Ouro Preto - PMOP, Municipal Chamber of Ouro Preto - CMOP, managed by the Museu de Arte Sacra do Carmo, based at the Paroquia de Nossa Senhora do Pilar, and sponsored by the Programa Petrobras Cultural, the Caixa Economica Federal (Federal Development Bank) and Novelis Brasil Ltda.

Morro da Queimada is a site endowed with rare natural beauty, from where it is possible to obtain a unique view overlooking the historical centre of Ouro Preto (Fig. 10), and the Peak of Itacolomi, which guided the first European settlers, the bandeirantes, to the area, and, still to this day, a symbol of the city (Fig. 11).

The creation of the archaeological park of Morro da Queimada is one of the most important recent undertakings in Ouro Preto, and the realization of this project will be as important to the city as the Acropolis is for Athens or the Palatine Hill and the Ancient Forum are for Rome.

The creation of the archaeological park of Morro da Queimada will establish a setting favorable to the recovery of the cultural and environmental heritage of the city, a new start in the place where the city began: the Arraial of Ouro Podre where once Paschoal was master (Meirelles, C, p. 55).

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