Construction Elements Of The Damage

Traditional vertical structure, built mainly to support their own weight as well as the weight of floors and terraces (case of Algiers) and at the most to resist to the wind action. These structures are particularly vulnerable to seismic effects when they are not bonded horizontally. In the other hand, the shape, size, weight and materials of horizontal structure have a great influence on the level of seismic damage.

As a general rule, the vulnerability of the common constructions (houses) can be assessed in term of vulnerability classes A and B of EMS-98 intensity scale

Figure 2. Plan of Algiers traditional houses (after Missoum 2003) and axonometric view of a block (after Atelier Casbah 1980).

(Gru/enthal 1998) with reference to ordinary buildings. The vulnerability of monumental buildings, as the religious one, can not be easily assessed in terms of vulnerability classes of EMS-98 intensity scale, as the classes are conceived with reference to ordinary buildings.

In general, it is well known that mosques as important monument can be very vulnerable.

In the case of Algiers, the importance of such buildings may imply that some care should be take for their construction, suggesting vulnerability of classes D which represents the reinforced masonry.

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