Final Remarks And Future Developments

In the paper, for some typical vault typologies, the evaluation of an equivalent elastic stiffness is proposed in order to idealize these structural elements as isotropic or orthotropic membranes. The study is developed in the context of the"eqmvalent frame" modelling approach for masonry buildings.

Even if through simplified assumptions, the elastic FEM simulations allow to evaluate the minima reliable contributions, varying the vault typologies and the geometrical and constraint boundary conditions. On the other hand, the non-linear FEM simulations, even if undoubtedly no exhaustive, provided some preliminary knowledge about the sensitiveness of the stiffness degradation in the early non-linear response. The effect of masonry pattern and strength characterisation of the bedjoints is analysed. This work represents the first step of further investigations.

Figure 11. Cloister vault (f/L = 0.5; s/L = 0.045; tmr/amr = 2): direction of the tensile principal stress o\ on the extrados vault.

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