Brandonisio E Mele A De Luca

Department of Structural Engineer (DIST), University of Naples "Federico II", Naples, Italy

ABSTRACT: In this paper the problem of out-of-plane collapse of masonry walls under vertical and horizontal loads is addressed through the review of ancient building rules and the study of the European (Eurocode 6 and 8) and new Italian seismic codes on unreinforced masonry buildings.

The limitations of the analysed seismic codes and the empirical geometrical rules of ancient constructors are compared with the results of some structural analyses carried out on rectangular masonry panels with different slenderness h/s, aspect ratio h/b (height/width) and boundary conditions. In particular, the analyses have been carried out both with the limit analyses and non linear FEM analyses with Abaqus computer code.

The results of these parametric analyses show that the respect of the seismic codes limitations on the geometrical slenderness h/s allows to implicitly have a minimum resistance to out-of-plane collapses of the masonry walls.

A proposal is made to overcome the unjustified provisions of some codes which do not allow to have distance among orthogonal walls larger then 7 m.

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