analyses were performed for the evaluation of structural capacity, both for original and reinforced model (Landolfoet al. 2007).

The numerical model was generated by importing in the FE program a three dimensional solid model of the Mosque that was implemented in a computer aided design system.

In order to properly evaluate the structural interactions among the different parts, the implemented geometrical model reproduces all the main elements of the building accurately, including the openings and the pendentives connecting the walls with the dome. Two separate FE models were implemented for the Minaret and the Mosque, respectively (Fig. 11). In the last case, the symmetry of the model along the vertical plane parallel to the direction of the input displacement was considered, in order to save CPU time for solving non-linear equations.

To model the reinforcement, the outer surfaces of the Mosque and Minaret were divided into different areas corresponding both to the FRP sheets and bars. The properties of overlapping areas were set up in order to match the meshes corresponding to masonry and FRP reinforcement elements. The whole masonry structure was discretized with tetrahedral 3D solid elements considering a mesh size of 100.0 mm in the case of Mosque model.

SOLID45 elements were used for masonry and SHELL181 elements were employed to model the FRP sheets. The shells corresponding to the FRP reinforcement were directly overlapped to the masonry bricks

Figure 10. Response of the model during the last test with intensity 0.35 g, scaling factor 1, phase 3.

Table 3. Masonry material properties assumed in numerical simulations of Minaret and Mosque.

Figure 11. The FE model of the Mosque and Minaret implemented for non-linear pushover analysis.

Table 3. Masonry material properties assumed in numerical simulations of Minaret and Mosque.

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