than the actual value, corresponded to the time when a significant variation in trend was recorded, i. e. for piece AL05 in figure 13 (table 10): horizontal deformations growing to a significant extent or volumetric deformations shifting to a negative sign (test piece propensity to bulge due to poor vertical collaboration or detachment at the interface between the two materials). The methodology and the numerical analysis proved very sensitive to the initial signs of weakening of the brick-mortar system, indicating clearly the onset of a crisis due to fatigue (Grazzini 2004, 2006).

4.3 Brittleness index: comparison between static compressive tests, before and after freezing-thawing and loading cyclic

The figures 15-18 illustrate the static tests performed on mixed test pieces. As for static strength after freezing- thawing cycles, the values obtained for a majority of the series remained within the average of the two preliminary tests, save for the series DL (Fig. 18), which displayed a considerable increase in

Figure 17. DL series static tests.

Figure 14. AL series static tests.

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