The pieces of mortar B tested within 28 days show a low brittleness index which initially justifies the ductile behaviour. But during the maturation there is a remarkable increase of Ib, about 4700%. Such tendency finds on facts in the diagrams which show an always steeper slope unloading branch as it evolves the maturation of material (Fig. 4). On the contrary, mortar D shows at 28 days a less ductile behaviour, but during the maturation the increase of brittleness is modest (50-200%) so it highlights a much more constant behaviour in the time.


4.1 Static tests

Compression tests were performed in order to determine the failure load (table 8). Others mixed test pieces were subjected to 28 freezing-thawing cycles. Of special interest is the medium and great increase in strength observed in CL and DL series after the freezing-thawing cycles (table 9).

Figure 8. Monoaxial cyclic compression test a — e curve. 4.2 Cyclic loading tests

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