Figure 7. Deformed shapes by excitations with constant amplitude in y.

plane mechanisms collapse load factors for façades. Particularly as already outlined there the crack closer to the corner will occur before the wing crack if the connection is not particularly strong, as it is the case here for lack of overweight or restraint from the floor structure directly at the corner. This lack of restraint causes a torsional motion of the end blocks of each side and this eventually influences greatly the overall out-of plane movement of the wall. This is illustrated in more detail by the motion profiles shown for different frequency inputs and different cycles in the y and x direction respectively in Figures 7 and 8.

In each graph the recorded displacement of each of the six instruments is plotted for a positive peak, 0 point, negative peak and subsequently positive peak of the input, providing basically the "modal shape" of the two orthogonal walls.

Figure 7 shows that the long façade has relatively stable cycles, and although the response lags with respect to the input, maximum positive and negative

Table 2. Difference in input-output phase angles of Model I shaking in x direction.



Amplitude (mm)

Lagging (s)

Phase difference (◦)

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