Figure 3. Masonry typology.

Figure 3b.

Figure 4. Floor made of wood.

Figure 3. Masonry typology.

Figure 3a.

The ottoman files, refers to ruinous state of the city, this sources describing the damage in a useful way to quantify it are, unfortunately, dispersed in the different registers (financials and fiscal records, domanial and successional acts). There is not any published report containing details on damaged buildings.

Sources available so far do not detail mapping of damage, as performed for instance in the case of some cities in Italy (Guidoboni & Boschi 2001, Moroni et al. 1999). No official on historical detailed damage survey exist in Algeria.

Actually, such surveys are usually found when the intensity does not exceed 9 MCS, that is, when a significant part of damaged buildings can be repaired.

February 3, 1716, in the middle of morning, at 9 h 45 mn (local time) a destructive earthquake shook Algiers and its adjacent regions. Houses collapsed and many others were damaged in the city, even the country houses suffered considerable damages and some of them collapsed (Ottoman Archive 1716,

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