Process Of The Integrated Modeling Method

The process of integrated modeling method for dynamic behavior of ancient pagodas is as follows (Figure 1): (1) Survey the structure, define structural parameters and their variation degree, (2) Construct

Figure 1. Flow chart of the integrated modeling method.

the preliminary analysis model by ANSYS, (3) Estimate the dynamic eigenvalues of the structure for the selection of proper instrument parameters, (4) Acquire the modal parameters by ambient vibration test, (5) Establish sensitivity system and optimize structural parameters, (6) Select model updating criteria, update the analysis model, (7) Evaluate the error between the analysis value and test value by Errors Evaluation Program, (8) Select adjustment parameters for new updating, (9) Obtain the perfect model.

Table 1. Density of main materials.



Brick masonry Granite masonry Limestone masonry Sandstone masonry China fir Pine wood Black tile roof

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