The Deterioration Of Morro Queimada

In recent decades, Morro da Queimada as an archaeological site has become corrupted due to the chaotic

Figure 3. Irregular occupation of Morro da Queimada (IPHAN archives, Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil).

growth of the City of Ouro Preto. In the absence of urban planning, the site was occupied, the ruins being used by the population for building material, and the surviving structures employed as foundations for new constructions (Fig. 3). The lack of protection for the archaeological remains on Morro da Queimada in Ouro Preto constitutes one of the more serious cases of neglect of cultural heritage by the various levels of government.

In April, 2003 a technical mission from UNESCO on a visit to the city identified the preservation of the archaeological site at Morro da Queimada as one of the measures necessary to halt the alarming deterioration of the cultural and environmental heritage of Ouro Preto.

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