The masonry vaults Geometry definition and possible approaches to the static analysis

O. Corbi

Department Structural Engineering, University of Naples Federlco II, Naples, Italy

ABSTRACT: The paper focuses on the analysis of masonry vaults: on one side it addresses some of the geometrical features involved in the treatment of shells, which usually implies not negligible difficulties in handling the vaults' problem due to the differential nature of their geometry, and, on the other side, it outlines possible approaches to the static analysis of masonry vaults. To this regard, the overall static approach should be conceived in such a way to allow the selection of membrane stress surfaces able to equilibrate the applied loads and to satisfy the admissibility conditions of the masonry material. The paper, then, deals with these two features, outlining a general approach for analytically handling the problem of static analysis of vaults.

This is why it would be of fundamental relevance to have at one's disposal proper analytic tools for performing reliable static analyses of masonry structures. In the following one reports some discussion about the still open research problem of masonry vaults, outlining possible future developments.

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