Figure 12. Cross vault (f/L = 0.5; s/L = 0.045; tmr/amr = 1) - stiffness decay varying the pattern typology: parallel (pattern d), orthogonal (pattern b) and oblique (pattern d) to the walls.

From the authors' point of view, the effect of loose fill and structural backing and the influence of head joints may be interesting issues to deepen by non-linear FEM simulations.

Finally, a further development is represented by the definition of the drift limits beyond which the vault has to be considered structurally collapsed. This latter goal seems useful in order to establish the limits beyond which the reliability of the vault, related to the load transfer, is lost.

Figure 13. Cross vault (f/L = 0.5; s/L = 0.045; tmr/amr = 1): distribution of am parameter on the vault intrados corresponding to different steps of the analysis.

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