Provide security in buildings without compromising aesthetics

Access panels can contribute a lot in improving the way buildings operate, whether commercial, industrial, or residential. Beyond the aesthetic benefits it can provide, most property owners focus on the added security when installing access doors in their properties. 

The regular access doors can only provide minimal protection or security to critical areas, but you’ll be glad to find a variant of this equipment designed for the sole purpose of providing optimum security in buildings. This is the security access panel. The type of panel is available in medium and high security. Ideally, these equipment feature heavy-duty construction with either 10 or 12 gauge steel and tamperproof security cam latches for use in various detention and security building applications. 

Security is important for the protection of your property investments. The installation of access panels can provide for that need. It is worthy to mention how fire rated access doors can aid in the safe evacuation of building occupants and in reducing fire damage in properties. On the other hand, security access panels allow property owners to take control and restrict access to critical building facilities.

Access to building utilities is restricted to authorized service personnel for scheduled component inspections, maintenance, repairs or replacements. Component mishandling and tampering are critical to the overall operations of establishments. For instance, improper fixes on plumbing and electrical can create inconvenience and distract employees from their work assignments, affecting daily productivity. In addition, this creates costly expenses for immediate device restorations. With the use of security access panels, you can ensure 100% protection to these components. Forced or illegal entry would be impossible. 

These panels can also stand against weather damage. Wind and moisture can compromise the inner workings of building fixtures, thus, preserving or enclosing them in high-security panels is necessary. Security access panels can effectively protect the components from the environment behind walls. It can also be used to secure storage compartment areas containing highly valuable materials. During break-ins in buildings, burglars will have difficulty locating nor opening such storage areas with the tamper-proof security access door locks or latches. 

Provide security in buildings without compromising aesthetics through the use of security access panels. Available in a wide range of panel designs or sizes, these equipment are made to fit into various applications with less visibility, thus preserving building designs. 

Correct product choice is a determining factor in access door durability and longevity. Thus, dealing with a reputable company is equally important. Look for a company brand that you can trust—choose the industry’s best. Make the investment today!

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