Roof monitor and sawtooth systems

Roof monitors (Figure 6.20 ) and sawtooth systems (Figure 6.21) are toplighting strategies that differ primarily in their shapes. Under these systems, light is captured through vertical or sloped openings in the roof. These openings can be designed to capture sunlight at certain times of the day or of the year, depending on the requirements of the building. Roof monitors can be single-sided or two-sided. Single-sided

Architecture Roof MonitorSun Tracker For Light Pipes
Figure 6.23 A light pipe system with its various sunlight collection and light transport systems.
Daylight System Roof Monitor
Figure 6.24 A sun-tracking heliodon with a concentrating mirror.

roof monitors and sawtooth systems provide a directional effect inside the room, especially if the elements are spaced far apart. Two-sided roof monitors provide a more uniform distribution of daylight and less directionality, particularly under overcast sky conditions (Figure 6.22).

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