(2) Even ordinate Tchebycheff rules are preferred as they are as accurate as the next highest odd ordinate rule.

(3) A Tchebycheff rule with an even number of ordinates is rather more accurate than the next highest odd number Simpson rule.

Polar co-ordinates

The rules discussed above have been illustrated by figures defined by a set of parallel ordinates and this is most convenient for waterplanes. For transverse sections a problem can arise at the turn of bilge unless closely spaced ordinates are used in that area. An alternative is to adopt polar co-ordinates radiating from some convenient pole, O, on the centreline (Figure 4.6).

1 r180 2

Area of the half section = ^ r2d0

2 Jo

If the section shape is defined by a number of radial ordinates at equal angular intervals the area can be determined using one of the approximate integration methods. Since the deck edge is a point of discontinuity one of the radii should pass through it. This can be arranged by careful selection of O for each transverse section.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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