Figure 3.1 Principal dimensions

Figure 3.1 Principal dimensions

The length overall (loa) is the distance between the extreme points forward and aft measured parallel to the summer (or design) waterline. Forward the point may be on the raked stem or on a bulbous bow.

The length on the waterline (lwl) is the length on the waterline, at which the ship happens to be floating, between the intersections of the bow and after end with the waterline. If not otherwise stated the summer load (or design) waterline is to be understood.

The mid-point between the perpendiculars is called amidships or mniclships. The section of the ship at this point by a plane normal to both the summer waterplane and the centreline plane of the ship is called the midship section. It may not be the largest section of the ship. Unless otherwise defined the beam is usually quoted at amidships. The beam (Figure 3.2) most commonly quoted is the moulded beam, which is the greatest distance between the inside of plating on the two sides of the

Breadth extreme

^Underside of deck plating

Breadth moulded (B)


Jnside of side plating

Base line

Figure 3.2 Breadth measurements


Rounded gunwhale

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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