Nl 10


V = total volume of all enclosed spaces of the ship in cubic metres

Vc = total volume of cargo spaces in cubic metres .

D = moulded depth amidships in metres T = moulded draught amidships in metres N = number of passengers in cabins with not more than eight berths

N2 = number of other passengers N1 + N2 = total number of passengers the ship is permitted to carry.

In using these formulae:

(1) When N1 + N2 is less than 13, N and N2 are to be taken as zero.

(2) The factor (4T/3D)2 is not to be taken as greater than unity and the term K2V^(4T/3D)2 is not to be taken as less than 0.25GT.

(4) All volumes included in the calculation are measured to the inner side of the shell or structural boundary plating, whether or not insulation is fitted, in ships constructed of metal. Volumes of appendages are included but spaces open to the sea are excluded.

(5) GT and NT are stated as dimensionless numbers. The word ton is no longer used.


How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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