Figure 4.5

in those areas, as shown in Figure 4.4. The figure gives the Simpson multipliers to be used for each consecutive area defined by three ordinates. The total area is given by:

A = 3 (13-0 + 2yi + y2 + 2y3 + l±y4 + 4^5 + 2y6 + 4y7 + 2y8 + 4y9

where y1, y3, y11 and y13 are the extra ordinates.

The method outlined above for calculating areas can be applied to evaluating any integral. Thus it can be applied to the first and second moments of area. Referring to Figure 4.5, the moments will be given by:

First moment = JJ x dx dy = J xy dx about the y-axis = JJ y dx dy = J1 y2 dx about the x-axis

Second moment = JJ x2 dx dy = J x2 y dx about the y-axis = Iy = JJ y2 dx dy = J1 y3 dx about the x-axis = Ix

The calculations, if done manually, are best set out in tabular form.

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