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This guide teaches you how to make the best worm farm that money can buy; and you don't have to spend much money to get a really good quality worm farm! While worms may not seem very impressive, you'd be amazed at what these worms can do. If you want to grow your own food, the best soil that you will ever get is soil that worms have thoroughly turned over. No matter what the soil in your area looks like, you will always be able to get the highest quality soil to grow plants in. You will have the most protein-rich, nutritious, and potent soil that you've ever seen. The all-natural soil that is worm-tended is far better than what you will get from organic growers; all that it takes is the process that nature invented. That's really all you need to get the best organic vegetables! More here...

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

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'Permaculture' was coined in 1978 by Bill Mollison, an Australian ecologist. It has developed many meanings but is intended to refer to permanent culture. It is the active integrated design of human habitats and food production systems to combine land use and community building in order to create sustainable living patterns. It embraces food production and resource efficiency, and extends to economic and social structures such as co-housing. The principles are applicable to all forms of urban and rural development and lifestyles. Model of permaculture design for Orkney

Culemborg Netherlands

Set in a city edge of mature trees and marginal agriculture, the development sits within a permaculture masterplan by Joachim Eble. It consists of a varied housing mix, a school, a library, theatre, workshops, offices and shops. The development sits adjacent to a main railway station and is car free.

Lujiazui Pudong Shanghai Peoples Republic of China a global business precinct 1990

Lujiazui 1990s

Pudong was partially a green-field site of agricultural land but it also contained shipbuilding works, petrochemical plants and other industries along the river. The land is publicly owned. In April 1990, the government of the People's Republic of China announced its plan to develop the Pudong New Area as part of its economic reform effort to attract foreign investment. The goal of the development is to turn Shanghai into a global commercial centre by creating a precinct of prestigious modern buildings and manicured open spaces with a coordinated infrastructure and communications network. One hundred and eighty-two other Chinese cities are reputedly hoping to attain the same end but only the major ones are serious contenders. Shanghai is much better placed than its competitors to achieve its goals.

Washer And Dryer Space Requirements

Washer And Dryer Space Requirements

Worker'a clearance (Fiy. 4, 5, and 6) citn over lap to either left ar right of ma chines. Source i Fit). 4, 5, it hi 6) Cetile P. Sinden and Kathleen A. Johnston, Space for Hume Laundering, Bulle tin 658, Pennsylvania State University Agricultural Experiment Station, University Park July 1959).

Tool And Machinery Storage

Mechanized equipment is often needed for material movement for stall cleaning and feeding activities. Providing covered storage will prolong the useful life for equipment, such as tractors, implements, and all-terrain vehicles, than leaving them exposed to the weather (Fig. 13.16). A simple three-sided shed is sufficient for the larger equipment. A 14-foot clearance will accommodate large-scale horse farm equipment a 10- to 12-foot clearance will suffice for small farm implements. Provide 12- to 14-feet-wide bays for each tractor or implement needing storage. Figure 13.16. A building separate from the horse stable can serve a dual function on a small farm in storing hay and bedding and farm machinery when not in Figure 13.16. A building separate from the horse stable can serve a dual function on a small farm in storing hay and bedding and farm machinery when not in

Cultivating Smartcities

Maquette Avion Design

Conventional agriculture is hugely dependent on water resources, and water A 1.7-square-kilometre (0.6-square-mile) 'arable kitchen-garden park' for the Copenhagen Port Authority espousing sustainable farming principles on a former industrial and ship-docking yard. More than 80 per cent of the ground is dedicated to vegetable farming, interspersed with grazing fields. Compact car-free suburb clusters are stitched together by an elevated ribbon of lawn draped with hydroponic curtains. In peri-urban areas, the intervention is more profound and far-reaching. New housing developments can be planned to integrate farming at the scale of landscape. Buildings can be planted into the natural topography, surfaced in growing media, oriented to receive or protect from sunlight, and integrating water conservation and waste recycling components. In addition to supplying food for consumption and commodity, energy demand can be dramatically reduced. With food production concentrated in urban and...

Location and Orientation


A similar preference for hill slopes by the pioneer settlers in Appalachia is also evident. The rationale for avoiding the best agricultural land there, however, was probably that valleys could be malarial and fever ridden (Dickinson 1990, 10-11). Similarly, on the poorly drained prairies of the American Midwest, pioneer settlers erected their cabins mostly on the western side of rivers and marshes, which were thought healthier than the eastern side, as the prevailing winds are from the west (Oliver 1843, 104). Avoidance of the best agricultural land for farmsteads can be seen in many parts of America, where the best land - usually valley bottoms - is farmed, while the farmstead occupies the nearby valley slope. Similar situations are reported for the Hebrides (Hance 1951, Just as orientation to the sea is strongly expressed in fishing communities, orientation to roadway occurs in those farming communities that increasingly depend for livelihood upon marketing of their products, even...

Landscape architecture in Hungary

Urbanised areas transformed rapidly and drastically after the fall of the communist regime in 1989. Because of the forced industrial development under communism, which neglected the country's natural endowments, the great industrial centres collapsed and huge areas became brown-fields requiring costly remediation, planning and redevelopment. Large tracts of agricultural land have become sites for building or reserves for further development, particularly in proximity to large cities. The renewal of historical city centres, delayed for decades, must not be postponed any longer, if we are to halt the migration to the metropolitan agglomerations. Urban open spaces are becoming more valuable their significance is growing from the social, aesthetic, urban ecological and economic points of view. Accession to the EU could bring changes to agriculture, such as an increase in traditional organic farming and land management. Moderate economic development can be beneficial, if it is motivated by...

Basic terms the language of settlement

Open work-spaces, all delimited by fences, walls and access ways. There may, of course, be more than one dwelling and or accommodation for family members or hired hands. Should the dwelling house be absent, then the term farm offices appropriately describes what is left, using the word 'office' in an older sense of 'the parts of a house used for household work or service' rather than dwelling. In Scotland the total complex would be described as a steading, while for the African example already cited the term compound is appropriate. In Britain and North America the term homestead is often applied, useful because it emphasises its social value, the place where family life takes place, where children are reared and learn basic skills. Two points should be emphasised first, farmsteads vary tremendously in character and here the adoption of specific foreign-language or local dialect terms is a useful way of expanding and defining shades of meaning. Thus the Spanish hacienda has a...


Sketches Animal Rescue Systems

The concept of sustainable development, and associated practices such as sustainable construction, lend themselves to investigation via the sketchbook. It is possible to use freehand drawing to explore aspects of modern green design, be it the use of solar energy, wind power or natural ventilation. Conversely, most of the buildings constructed before the Industrial Revolution utilised local renewable energy sources, building materials were from the immediate locality, transport and farming practices relied on human and horse power, and cities were located where natural resources demanded. There was little or no importation of energy, food, water or materials, and since there was scarcity all round, there was a great deal of reuse and recycling. In this there are lessons for the future, which can be recorded and understood through freehand drawing. So sketching can help reveal best green practice, whether old buildings or more recent examples are employed. There are different green...

St Louis Missouri USA

Usa Ground Floor

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is an independent non-profit research facility committed to a broad scope of fundamental research in the field of plant physiology. In this function, it is part of an exemplary partnership of various private organisations and state universities. The region known as Corn Belt of the United States today hosts the Silicon Valley of agricultural research with St. Louis as its centre.

The Upward Struggle from Gazebos and Whisky Barrels to Wimpey Homes

'I had thousands of enquiries that came through word of mouth. Hundreds of really nice people who had no money got in touch too. I spent loads of time talking to people about it. It made me understand the RF better and I become clearer about it, but it never made me any money. I had to do other things to support myself. Prior to 2000, when the Burial Park came along, I had built about 30 RF buildings mainly small buildings, sanctuary buildings, two permaculture buildings in Bradford. At the time I thought this was the right thing to do. I just wanted to build RFs, but this nearly made me go bankrupt. I realized it was wrong. I felt that the financial system for the RF was not in place.' The 30 RFs that Graham has built since 1988 have spans from 4.2 to 1 3 metres. All of them are in timber, solid timber for the shorter spans and glulam for the longer ones. With the exception of a few which have a circular plan, all the plan forms are seven- to 12-sided regular polygons. Among these...

The Colonial Economy and Agrarian Capitalism

A necessity for power to operate and expand within the system (Mitchell, 2002). Surely, part of this confusion stems from the fact that scholars have applied their contemporary understanding of capitalism and private ownership of land on past forms, hence, framing the meaning with our contemporary biases and views. For example, scholars differ over the meaning of landholding during the nineteenth century was it an object with a single claim, or was it, as Mitchell tells us, 'a system of multiple claims' (Mitchell, 2002). No doubt that the 1882 British occupation of Egypt and the subsequent need to tax farmers and landowners was an important milestone in the history of property rights. Of course, at different points in Egyptian history, the right of some individuals to own property and wealth was recognized. But the right of ownership to all persons was never accorded until well into the nineteenth century. The peasants who worked on agricultural land, for instance, rarely owned it....

Technical Constraints And Land Conditions Of City Planning In Amsterdam

Then water- and sewage-disposal problems follow and it is necessary to ensure, through a complicated system of locks, the daily renewal of the city's waters. In Amsterdam the canals, which collect used water and domestic refuse are daily cleansed by the water of the Zuiderzee. The first drainage system, reserved for the floodgate waters dates from 1870 and concerned only new neighbourhoods. The decision to establish a whole network for all waste water and to connect to it the canals of the old centre dates from 1907. Until that date, at each tide one had to coordinate the action of multiple locks in order to retain fresh water at the time of the incoming tide, to introduce the sea water progressively into the canals along a well-defined circuit, and then discharge the polluted water into the Ij at the time of the outgoing tide. In addition, the Amstel had to be isolated in order to prevent the salt water ofthe Zuiderzee from returning to the river at high tide and reaching, upstream...

The Use Of Spatial Indicators To Analyze And Monitor Spatial Organiztion

Built-up area expressed in square kilometers, measures the land area consumed by urban activities within a metropolitan area across administrative boundaries. It does not include large parks of more than 4 hectares, airports, agricultural land, and undeveloped vacant land and water bodies. However, the limits of a metropolitan area are themselves subjective. The boundary of the built-up areas is limited to where additional population corresponded to a density that was not significantly higher than the prevailing density in adjacent rural areas. While some might disagree in the way that these assumptions delimit the metropolitan built-up area, the advantage of this approach is its internal consistency. All the data presented here are derived from primary sources census tract and land use maps or satellite imagery.

Nucleation and dispersion

Discussions of the physical character of settlement tend to be obscured by questions of terminology (Adams 1976 47-91). There is no escaping the fact that, as in any other subject, a certain amount of jargon must be used to express observations and ideas cogently. Hunter's African 'house', for instance, could equally be termed a 'farmstead', for in addition to several buildings for human habitation, it contained outbuildings, storage and work areas. The term compound, meaning an 'enclosure', conveniently indicates that it is different from European or North American farmsteads and is in fact made up of many elements which in other societies could be differently arranged or separated The single farmstead takes many forms and may appear either singly or in groupings of varied sizes, but, nevertheless, it is the fundamental unit of both subsistence and commercial agriculture. From the farmstead, however this be defined, the farmer, sometimes with the members of his immediate family and...

Extramural Expansion and Urban Growth

Starting in 1880, wine production was the main driving force of colonial urban development in Algeria. After the total destruction of the vineyards in France by Phylloxera in 1875, the French government encouraged large-scale planting of vineyards in Algeria (Comedor, 1972). For better exploitation of the hinterland, a railway network was developed linking the rural areas with different ports, so enabling the export of agricultural products to metropolitan markets. Therefore, colonization, development of cultivation, the increase in wealth, and urbanization were all closely linked.

Society And Archaeology Interaction Between Cuban And American Archaeologists Under The Embargo

The ongoing U.S. embargo of Cuba is an anachronism from the Cold War that affects everyone living in the island and a large number of people living in other countries. Before the 1960s, Cuba depended heavily upon products manufactured in the United States. In fact, the small island nation was one of the largest trading partners of the United States, particularly in the exchange of agricultural products (Forster and Handelman 1985). This economic inter-dependency was entangled with a long history of American interest in Cuba that included military interventions and significant control over the political and economic life of the island dating back at least to the 1870s. American influence was so strong that pre-Revolutionary Cuba is considered by many scholars to have been a modern colony of the United States (P rez 1999). In 1959, Fidel Castro's Partido del Pueblo Cubano (Party of the Cuban People) came to power as a result of a revolutionary war against President Fulgencio Batista,...

Compact Cities in the Context of Developing Countries Introduction

The rapid spread of urbanisation to absorb peripheral agricultural land is analysed by Clark and Tsai. Doubts are raised about the effectiveness of policies for containment, as these do not appear to improve agricultural productivity, or lead to better urban living conditions. To be effective, strict enforcement to protect land and high investment to purchase land or development rights would be needed at present an unlikely scenario. In a case study of the Pearl River Delta, Yeh and Li show in detail the consequences of agricultural land loss and urban sprawl, and why action is necessary. They present a convincing model to help containment and achieve a measure of sustainability and compaction, demonstrating significant savings of agricultural land, and reductions in travel and fuel consumption.

Create Opportunities For Local Food Production

Gardens and allotments have traditionally been important spaces for people who wish to grow their own food, and increasing awareness of the distances that supermarket food travels nowadays (Roseland 1998 AEA Technology Environment, 2005) has encouraged environmentally aware people to revisit the extent to which they might use the principles of permaculture to grow food within the vicinity of their home. From a design point of view this means providing room for useful gardens or allotments (Figure 4.49). From a management point of view it means ensuring that bylaws, codes and covenants do not restrict the use of open space to manicured lawns-as occurs, for example, in Springwood Estates, Indiana

Designing for Your Climate

Bentley Chudleigh

Natural interior climate control of a building is an art and a science that takes in a variety of design considerations. What we offer is basic common sense examples that are simple, affordable, and low-tech. We suggest taking a class in permaculture for site and passive solar orientation for your locale.

Kleine Rieteiland Plant

One simple residential house type is the Black Forest house, which represents a cultural form of living, working, security, and continuity. This house type effectively reacts on the given conditions, exploits possibilities, and combines a farmyard, stable, harvest shed and dwelling to form one unit under a single roof. It is a direct image of the social structure within its cultural and economic context. Season-related daily work routines permeate shape, function and structure of the house and result in an authentic and ecologic house type that is simple yet highly complex. Today in Central Europe, the courtyard house as a type is far less common than it was during the time preceding the industrial revolution. Particularly in rural areas, the German Hofreite (shared courtyard house) was a house type that combined living and working under one roof. The farmhouse faced the street and featured a large gateway that lead to the farmyard. The farmyard was surrounded by a barn, a stable and...


Native forest, is exempt from all heritage legislation. John believes no other state or country would permit such sacrilege, and he despairs at the visible scars on the surrounding Tiers and the loss in the Chudleigh Valley of some of Tasmania's finest agricultural land to tree plantations.

Green Roofs

Eidechsenarten Schweiz

Comes a lightweight, water-retentive, sterile substrate, manufactured from shale, slate, or clay and blown onto the roof. Nutrients may be added via recycled agricultural products or compost. The plants are usually a monoculture of sedum species or other exotics. Maintenance includes seasonal watering, fertilizing, and weeding all plants not in the original palette.

Sustainable Quarters

Profitable exchange in terms of material and energy, using the eco-park as a model. Such analyses do not lend themselves to a neatly drawn architectural model each bio-quarter being an environment-specific solution similar in nature to the permaculture case study reported in Urban Design Method and Techniques (Moughtin et al., 2003a).


Beyer, Glenn H The Cornell Kitchen Product Design Through Research. Cor nell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca (1952 . Heiner, Mary Kali, and Steidl, Rose E Guides for Arrangement of Urban Family Kitchens. Bulletin 876, Cornell Uni. versify Agricultural Experiment 5tafiun, Ithaca (1951), Planning Guider for Southern Rural Homes. Prepared by Southern Regional Housing Research Technical Committee, Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin 58, Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station, Athens (June 1958), Roberts, Evelyn H Wilson, Maud, and Thayer, Ruth. Standards for WorAmp-Sur-ince Height and Ofher Space Unifi of (he Dwelling. State Bulletin 348. Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, Corvallis (June 1937). Published alio as Waihing-ton Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 345, Pullman. Space Standards for Home Planners. Western Cooperative Serlej Research Report 2, Western Region Agricultural Experiment Stations (n.d,). (Publication may bo obtoined from Institute ol...

Prisons and borders

And a 5m-high wire-and-mesh superstructure. Rolls of razor wire and a 4m-deep ditch are placed on one side. In addition, the structure is fitted with electronic sensors and it has an earth-covered 'trace road' beside it where footprints of anyone crossing can be seen. Parts of the structure consist of an 8m-high solid concrete wall, complete with massive watchtowers. Many towns are cut off or cut up by the wall. Imagine living in Qalqilya, where the wall surrounds the town almost completely. Residents are imprisoned, cut off from neighbouring Palestinian villages and the rest of the West Bank. Palestinian property within 35m of the wall, including homes, farms, agricultural land, greenhouses and water wells, has been destroyed by the Israeli army. Four entrances to the town have been blocked, while the only remaining entrance is a military roadblock. It denies locals the means to livelihood and access to natural resources. Qalqilya was once known as the West Bank's bread basket, but...

Permeable Pavement

One of the main sources of ocean pollution is so-called non-point source (NPS) runoff from streets and parking lots, carrying oil and grease (and other contaminants) from parking lots into coastal waters. The most common NPS pollutants are sediment and nutrients, washing into water bodies from agricultural land, small and medium-sized animal feeding operations, construction sites and other areas of disturbance other common NPS pollutants include pesticides, pathogens (bacteria and viruses), salts, oil, grease, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.117

From little acorns

The 60-house Lebensgarten (living garden) in north Germany is a pioneer eco-community that has developed an ex-wartime armaments work camp into a village operating on permaculture principles. It is one of many such projects across the globe and is a major centre for the worldwide eco-village movement. The project is managed through a weekly democratic forum of residents, which maintains the integrity of the environmental principles, and determines the practicalities of development and change. It is a car-free village with peripheral parking and a shared There are private (amenity) and communal (productive) permaculture gardens, which sit on the edge of mature woodland in a south-facing sun-scoop form.


Noise and pollution and yet will be close enough to eliminate the long daily journeys to-and-fro it will once again become a normal family organism. Thus recovered, the conditions of nature will help put a stop to the nomadism of the working population. The inhabitants will be able to choose from three available types of habitation the individual house of the garden city the individual house coupled with a small farm and lastly, the collective apartment building furnished with all the service necessary to the well-being of its occupants.

Sustainable heroics

Inundaciones Pasado Guadalajara

Whether the land saved from sprawl justifies such intensity depends to some extent on whether or not one holds with the concept of the 'ecological footprint'. Flying in the face of the globalization of markets, the law of the ecological footprint requires that the size of human settlements be governed by their regionally available biomass. They must, in other words, be capable of sustaining themselves to some degree within their own region, in terms of food, energy supply and waste disposal. Bill Dunster's 'BedZED' development (Beddington Zero Energy Development), commissioned by the Peadbody Trust, is a model for a mixed-use prototype flexible enough to be useful in urban, suburban or rural development, and is configured according to the principle of the ecological footprint (Plates 62-63). The fact that the UK imports 80 per cent of its food, with all the fossil energy and global inequity that entails, is unacceptable to Dunster. Coupled with a continuing loss of English...

Colonial Algiers

During the war-torn eighteenth century in Europe, the French found themselves in great need of agricultural products. Algeria, a rich producer of cereals at that time, supplied France with large amounts of wheat, with a long-term credit facility. Quarrels over settlement of these debts helped give rise to a turbulent relationship between France and Algeria (Laffont, 1981). Specifically, the French government did not answer letters from the Dey (Governor) of Algiers, concerning the credit. It was within this climate that the famous 'fan scene' took place. In 1827, the Dey Hussain received the French consul, Pierre Deval, and blamed him for the silence from Paris (Renaudot, 1979). Deval replied in offensive terms, which resulted in a violent act from the Dey who hit the consul with his fan. This incident was the driving force behind a political crisis between the two countries. The refusal of the Dey to offer an apology appeared prima facie the motive for the invasion of Algeria. The...

Surface skimmer

The production of food stuffs over generations on the same ground without depleting its usefulness or ability to continue to produce. 2. Farming that is ethically and environmentally sound while being productive for food and financial rewards. The quandary is how are such ethical uses defined and by whom.

An imaginary journey

The manifestations of the city become apparent early on, although you are 30km from the urban core. The once agricultural land left and right is speckled with windowless, uniform aluminium industrial sheds which are, on occasion, brightly coloured. Further out they are larger, the asphalted service areas more spread out, with articulated lorries in the forecourt. Closer towards the city the sheds compact in, they have a more cluttered feel. The three-lane highway itself has an urban feel - an expanse of pounded asphalt that stretches endlessly into the horizon. Compactly massed and close-set cars purposively batter the road, prancing fast-forward en route to the city. Some have blacked-out windows so the driver can maintain a private world in a moving sea of metal. It is very difficult to stop anywhere. Later in the day the asphalt will give way a little, especially in the heat, but it is still unresponsive and dead in look and in feel.


Density transfer A way of providing or preserving open space by concentrating densities and leaving unchanged historic, sensitive, or hazardous areas. In some jurisdictions developers can buy development rights of properties associated with agricultural land, public open space (sending zone), etc., and transfer the development rights of additional density to the base number of units permitted in another zone or site proposed for development (receiving zone or site).


People are developing many effective, ecologically friendly, alternative wastewater systems. It is worth exploring other options to conventional sewer and septic tanks. Introducing them all is beyond the scope of this book. Search the Internet for permaculture sites and natural gray and black water management systems, as well as the Resource Guide in this book.

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