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This diagram shows how the speed of traffic along a road can be used to determine the scale of variation along the edge, the duration of views and the size of openings.

Roadside landscape design

Beyond the threshold, the landscape on either side of the road can be developed. This might include creating and maintaining views towards attractive components of the landscape, and managing the edges along the road. If the approach is through a forest there are opportunities to manage the trees: by thinning; by felling, to create spaces of different sizes and shapes; by pruning, to let light through; or by allowing sections to close in. In more open country the quality of the foreground in the vicinity of the road should not detract from the broader views. Fences, walls, earth banks, hedges or areas of trees should be well maintained. Occasional views towards focal points can heighten the visitors' sense that they nearing the destination, and that their expectations are about to be fulfilled.

The roadside landscape must be developed at the speed at which the motorist is expected to drive. This determines how far ahead it is possible to focus on the landscape, and at what angle from the car it is possible to see it. Also, open views need to be of a minimum width in order to be seen; the faster the speed of the car, the wider the view mriiK 100

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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