The characteristic dilemmas of station area redevelopment

In the preceding section, we have shown how different factors combine to form the unique challenge of each station area redevelopment initiative. But beyond the particularities of each case, what are the common dilemmas that characterize railway station area redevelopment? In answering this question, we must go back to Chapter 2, where the fundamental ambivalence of railway station areas, both nodes and places, was considered. In Chapter 4, we highlighted the way in which similar developments can occur (convergence). But we also showed how existing differences between railway station areas can be emphasized in the development process (divergence). Elements of divergence and convergence mix. Thereby, each railway station area develops according to the interplay of various diverging and converging developments in its context. The seven distinctive features, as discussed in section 4.4, can be traced in a systematic search for convergence of railway station area development in Europe.

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