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Essentially a regional station, Oerlikon, adjoining the development site of Zentrum Zürich Nord, is the second station in the Zürich metropolitan area for passenger flows. It is served by six regional S-Bahn lines (an average of 20 trains per hour), but by only 30 intercities a day (Figure 8.7). Bahn 2000, the development programme of the Swiss railways does not foresee an increase in the national or international capacity of the station. However, it must be stressed that the S-Bahn gives fast and frequent connections both to Zürich's main station and historical city centre (in 7 minutes, an average of 10 trains per hour), and to the international airport of Kloten (in 5 minutes, an average of two trains per hour).

Furthermore, another S-Bahn station, Seebach, is in the north of the site, and the area is well served by Zürich's local transport system. New bus lines, a proposed tram line and possibly a monorail would provide radial and tangential links, and would interconnect at Oerlikon station.

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