Central solar heating plant diurnal storage CSHP

In this case, the storage capacity is obviously much less, merely coping with a 24-hour demand. The demonstration project at Ravensburg supplies 29 terraced houses with hot

□ Fossil energy supply

□ Solar energy supply

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Month of the year

district heating- and solar network tauet heat storage {seasonal storage^
Figure 2.14 Diagram of the Neckarsulm project (courtesy of Renewable Energy World)

water and space heating via a four-pipe district heating network. It is calculated that this should meet 11% of the total heat requirement of the estate (see Fig. 2.15).

Solar systems with diurnal storage are mainly used to supply domestic hot water to large housing estates, large apartment blocks or hostels. They are designed to achieve a solar fraction of 80-100% in summer, representing 40-50% of annual heating demand in central and northern Europe.

Both seasonal and diurnal systems should be designed as part of a comprehensive energy efficiency programme involving insulation and rational energy conversion and supply. This can result in energy savings of 60% against the current norm.5

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