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The Urban Land Institute has produced the excellent Residential Development Handbook which includes very useful chapters on the development process, project feasibility and financing (Schmitz, 2004). Further advice about costing developments can be pieced together from a number of sources including Darlow (1988), Cadman and Topping (1995) and Isaac (1996). These books tend to focus on commercial property development but residential schemes do get a look in. A useful introduction to the house development industry in the UK is Golland and Blake's (2004) Housing Development: Theory, Process and Practice, whilst Delivering New Homes by Carmona, Carmona and Gallent (2003) offers a valuable insight into the tensions that emerge between house builders and the UK planning system. These include factors affecting other planning systems such as the availability of suitable land; the effects of delay in making planning decisions; the requirement to provide affordable housing; and the concerns that planners may have about housing design. Also discussed is the impact of financial contributions required by the British planning system to help provide the necessary facilities, infrastructure or services required as a result of residential schemes. CABE's (2003) The Value of Housing Design and Layout tries to highlight in which situations good design is profitable, and uses cost analyses to explore the extent to which additional costs associated with designs result in greater or lesser returns from an investment.

Interesting and relatively recent publications into the types of home and environment that British people want include Towns or Leafier Environments: A survey of family home buying choices by Mulholland Research Associates (1995), Kerb Appeal produced by the Popular Housing Forum (1998), But Would You Live There? by URBED (1999) and CABE's (2005) What Home Buyers Want. Often these publications are written from the authors' perspective, although collectively they do represent an attempt to properly account for the aspirations of housing consumers. Ely's (2004) The Home Buyer's Guide reverses the logic of the above publications and tries to encourage a more informed approach to purchasing a house.

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