60,000 = 0.135 in.2 Av,provided = 0.4 in.2 > 0.135 in.2

required, but provide the same stirrups as elsewhere

Figure 7.16. Schematic shear reinforcement.

Use #4 two-legged stirrups at 9 in. near the supports. A reduced spacing of stirrups equal to d may be used within the span where the calculated shear stress vu < vc/2. See Fig. 7.16 for placement of shear reinforcement.

ACI 318-02. Vu at a distance d from the support = 4.48(15 - ) = 60 kips

i-JL = 0.75 x — = 16.9 kips 2 2

Since Vu = 60 kips exceeds

0Vl 2

= 16.9 kips, stirrups are required.

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