This is less than the allowable tensile stress of 0.380 ksi. Therefore the design is OK. Example 3: Flat Plate. Figure 7.44 shows a schematic section of a two-way flat plate system. Design of post-tension slab for an office-type loading is required. Given.

Specified compressive strength of concrete: f'c = 4000 psi Modulus of elasticity of concrete: Ec = 3834 ksi

Allowable tensile stress in precompressed tensile zone = 6-f = 380 psi Allowable fiber stress in compression = 0.45fC = 0.45 x 4000 = 1800 psi

Figure 7.44. Example 3: flat plate: (a) span and loading; (b) elastic moments due to dead load plus live load.

Tendon cover: Interior spans


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