Since Am = 0.7RAS

AS = Am/0.7R = 2.07/0.7 x 8.5 = 0.348 in. Note: 1997 UBC Eq. (30.7) does not apply to drift calculations.

Figure 2.42a. Permissible drift ratio h/AM versus building fundamental period T. (LARUCP 2004.) The New Blue Booka

First published in 1959, the SEAOC Blue Book, Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary, has been the vanguard of earthquake engineering in California and the world. The new edition will first be published as an online serial, beginning in summer, 2004. Like its predecessors, it will offer background and commentary on the California Building Code (CBC), and be the vehicle for formalizing positions of SEAOC's Seismology Committee.

Blue Book commentary will be based on ASCE 7-02, expected to be the basis of the earthquake provisions in the next California Code. However, to ease the transition from existing codes, ample reference will be made to the 1977 Uniform Building Code and the 2001 CBC.

The new Blue Book will address how the new research findings by SAC Joint Venture and others should be incorporated into new codes. Publication as a serial will allow more frequent and timely revisions that address new research. However, the new format also means that some topics will not be revisited right away. Meanwhile, the 1999, 7th Edition of the Blue Book will continue to serve as a reference document.

According to its editor, David Bonowitz, the new Blue Book, like its predecessors, offers an "objective explanation of why we design the way we do." In doing so, it takes on a new role, "concerned less with writing code provisions and more with improving actual engineering practice." Its new role is "no longer to justify a code provision but to assess its impact on practice and to confirm whether it is supported by relevant analyses, testing, experience or judgment." The Blue Book's primary goal will be to guide earthquake-engineering practice by "illuminating the Code with history and context," thereby representing an "independent and authoritative statewide consensus."

The new Blue Book will comprise a series of technical articles, each covering a specific topic that includes the historical importance of the topic, the Code approach to aThis section is condensed from "The New Blue Book," David Bonowitz, S.E., Technical Editor, 2003 SEAOC Blue Book, published in Proceedings, SEAOC 72nd Annual Convention.

it, and proposed short-term changes and long-term studies related to the topic. Most articles will be similar to previous Blue Book commentary, offering technical explanations and Code interpretations that affect current practice. New topics will address the status of earthquake design codes and issues that will influence earthquake engineering of the future.

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