Figure 7.14. Recommended bar placement details, solid slabs. (Adapted from CRSI Design Handbook 2002.)

Use #4 @ 9 top at support e. Also by ACI code, the maximum spacing of flexural reinforcement should not exceed 18 in. or 3 times the slab thickness.

9 in. < 3(6.5 in.) = 19.5 in. 9-in. spacing is OK.

Recommeded bar placement details for solid slabs are shown in Fig. 7.14.

Note: The capacity reduction factor, f, for determining tension reinforcement has remained unchanged at 0.9 in ACI 318-02. However, since there is a reduction in the foctored load combinations:


we now get about 10% reduction in flexural reinforcement as compared to previous editions of ACI 318.

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