Compute reinforcement As per foot width of slab at critical sections. For example, at the second interior support, top steel must carry Me = 6.12 kip-ft. Note that ACI code

Figure 7.13. Design example, one-way slab: (a) partial floor plan; (b) section.

requires a minimum of 3/4-in. cover for slab steel not exposed to weather or in contact with the ground.

We will use the trial method of determining the area of steel. In this method, the moment of the internal force couple is estimated. Next, the tension force T is evaluated by equating the applied moment to the internal force couple, i.e.,

f X arm where f = 0.9 for flexure, and Mu = factored moment.

Table 7.2 Minimum Thickness of Beams or One-way Slabs Unless Deflections Are Computed3

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