Required stirrup spacing of two-legged #4 stirrups is

Myd ys

Maximum allowable spacing is d/2 = 30.5/2 = 15.25 in. (Section

Use 15-in. spacing for the portion of the beam bounded between the plastic hinge-length and the bottom bar splice at the center. Use 6 in. spacing for the length of splice (Fig. 4.39). Frame Column Example: Special Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame

Given. A 34 in. x 34 in. column (column C2) with 10 # 11 vertical reinforcement. See Fig. 4.40. The column has been verified for the axial loads and bending moments resulting from the following ultimate load combinations.

Load combination Pu (kips) Mu (kip-ft) Vu (kips)

1 2372 0 0

2 2180 400 80

Figure 4.40. Design example, frame column; special moment frame.

Beam moments framing into the column: Mleft = 848 kip-ft

-fright = -1055 kip-ft Nominal flexural strength of column at the beam-column joint. Above the joint = 1769 kip-ft Below the joint = 1819 kip-ft Clear height of column = 13 ft - beam depth

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