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Bulletproof Home

Self-defense is a common trend in war zone countries like Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya. You don’t need to live in those countries for you to learn how to defend yourself in times of social breakdown. You might be wondering if a self-defense and survival program is suitable for you. The answer is yes. Sometimes we might feel that we live in a place where our lives and that of our family is not at risk, but you never can tell when you will need all those self-defense tactics to protect your family, your home and your life at large during social breakdown times.

Bulletproof Home guide is what you need to enhance your skills and save yourself when times old people are being beaten open by vicious gangs inside their homes, vicious psychopaths beating or killing people just for the fun of it and at times when no 911 is there for you to call for help from the police.


This program was created by Steve Walker, who has been serving in the U.S army for more than 22 years. The claim by the creator is that he came to the realization that majority of the most common techniques for ‘prepping,’ were entirely useless. These techniques are the likes of food storage in your basement and building of perimeter walls this he was able to realize following the firsthand witness of the devastation that the Arab Spring brought about in 2011 in Egypt. As a matter of fact, he watched as a friend of his, Amir, employed all the traditional techniques in making his home safe and secure…only to get murdered only a few days into the revolution by an angry mob. meanwhile, Masud who lived close to Amir’s house helped the creator to safety by harboring him and his sister and they stay with Masud for two weeks before going back to America. During those 14 days he spent with Masud, the author said his eyes were opened to what really would need to be done in a crisis situation.masud was able to leave his home and return without being harmed. He was able to eat and provide us with food when so many people were starving. And his techniques weren't rocket science, he hadn't spent a fortune on fences, or walls, or safe-room, Masud did everything differently.


This is a comprehensive home defense strategy guide that is going to present you with anything you require to know for the complete defense of your home. Not even a single step is skipped.

Also, there is clarity and conciseness in the way it tells what exactly to do for you to realize success. Upon Steve Walker’s description of every tip and strategy, he offers to you as the reader an explanation as to why you should follow the advice he presents. Also, he explains the meaning it has in your home defense.

Nevertheless, The Bulletproof Home is not the only thing that you are going to get. The creator’s desire is that his readers get fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

A book is also given to you when you get this product. This is going to tell you how you should administer emergency medical in the event something occurs to you another person and no doctors are presently available in the area to offer help.

In addition to this, you are going to be presented with a special preparation and home defense guide that has been particularly designed for you as a person in his or her 60s or beyond.


If you try the "Bulletproof Home Defense" program today... you're also getting 4 special reports that are essential for your survival during a social and economic breakdown.

"Crash Proof: How to Survive an Economic Collapse".

 It will help you navigate the dark uncertainties of the coming economic meltdown

 "Doctor in a Box".

 It will show you how to stay alive when there's no doctor in sight. This will come in handy when hospitals are closed, or when there's severe damage to the grid that you can only rely on yourself.

"Boomer's Guide to Prepping".

Many people don't realize that a senior can be an asset in a crisis. Boomers know what it means to live without Internet and high tech gadgets and in a way; they're more adaptable than the new generations. This special report will show you how to make the most out of this... while overcoming your lack of physical strength.

"Unlimited Power: 5 cheap or free energy sources for a crisis".

This report will show you how to keep your freezer and AC running even when the grid is down... without spending a fortune on generators, solar panels or wind turbine systems - using some alternative power sources that are affordable, and sometimes even free!

In order to have an advantage over any crisis, the bulletproof home is what I would recommend for you. Important information is highlighted; techniques as well as tools that are aimed at protecting you and your family from dangerous situations.

Bulletproof Home
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