Hypertufa How To Manual Review

Hypertufa How To Manual eBook

The product is a unique step-by-step guideline that will enable you to acquire the skills needed to produce beautiful, long-lasting hypertufa troughs, planters, totems, spheres as well as other garden art objects. This product offers the opportunity to express your sense of creativity by creating extremely hypertufa objects.

Why should you trust this product?

Creating beautiful hypertufa garden objects does not seem to be an easy task.Since the production of this product, several basic skills and tricks needed to make beautiful hypertufa objects has been incorporated in this product, the instructions, and techniques offered by this product are clear, comprehensive and detailed. The offers an absolute guarantee as it has been found efficient and trusted by many people who made attempt to discover the step-by-step outline this product offers.

How does this product work?

The product explains the following:

1. It offers an outline which would enable you to learn the skills and techniques needed to make various types of hypertufa objects.

2. It gives you the opportunity to make your own hypertufa objects at affordable prices.

3. It explains how to make long-lasting hypertufa object with the easy steps provided.

How to make a hypertufa trough?

A sample on how to create a hypertufa trough is given below:


Construct beautiful mold by using the serrated knife, cut insulation into two 16×6-inch pieces and two 18×6-inch pieces. Assemble these four sections into a square or rectangle, depending on how you join the ends. For a rectangle, assemble with the 16-inch section outside the 18-inch section. For a square, assemble with the 16-inch section inside the 18-inch section. Insert two nails through the insulation material one near the top and one near the bottom of each intersection. Wrap tape around the mold to cover the nails, once near the top and once near the bottom, for added reinforcement.Mark a line 2 inches from the bottom as a guide to the depth of the hypertufa; this will mark the thickness of the bottom of your trough.


Put on your mask and gloves and measure 2 gallons cement, 2 gallons perlite, and 4 gallons peat moss. The amount will allow for some leftover material to make trough feet. Mix the dry ingredients in your wheelbarrow with the hoe. Add %u2153 cup of reinforced concrete fibers to give your hypertufa trough more strength, Slowly add water to the wheelbarrow. Start with about 3 gallons and mix it well with the dry materials. You should end up with a consistency like a cookie dough or a graham cracker crust. It should be wet enough to adhere so it doesn’t crumble, but not too wet to ooze water.


To aid in proper drainage, use a dowel to poke holes in the bottom of the trough. Insert the dowel through the hypertufa until it meets the plywood base. Repeat to make six evenly spaced holes. Leave the trough to dry in a protected area.


This product helps Store the trough in a shady area to cure for 28 days. The hypertufa trough gets stronger every day. Your container can be left out in freezing temperatures as long as it is off the ground.


Use any leftover mixture to create feet for your troughs. These feet will keep your trough off the ground. Pot up your hypertufa trough with a selection of your favorite conifers and sedums and enjoy for years to come. Place your hypertufa trough on porch steps, in a garden bed or border, or on the patio and fill with a potting mix it. It will work anywhere you choose.


Your trough should dry in about 24 hours. After it’s dried and leather hard, carefully remove the tape and nails and pull the sides of the mold away from the trough. The tough can be used as is, or, if you prefer a textured, aged look for your trough, gently score the exterior with a wire brush or screwdriver taking care to not poke holes in the sides as you work.

Who is the product intended for and the benefits derived from using this product?

This product is designed with a lot of benefits aimed to help those who want to improve or acquire new skills in producing the various types of hypertufa garden objects. The benefits of using this product are summarized below:

1. Unique Look of Ancient Stone

Hypertufa has a unique look of ancient stone. You can amaze your guests by keeping them wondering about from where you would have got it. They give your garden a rich atmosphere which you can get only in wild jungles and at the same time, you can manage them easily. But the making process is quite tedious, but with this product making each garden pot made from hypertufa would be unique even if you make it from the same mold that you used for the previous planter because it will have at least a bit of difference. This is because of the mixture you make and the difference brought by your hands each time you make them. The thickness also differs by a certain amount when you make a new hypertufa pot. So, each pot is literally customized for you.

2. Lightweight

Being so lightweight, despite having the look of a stone or cement planter, is a major benefit offered by this product. They can be heavy particularly if you make very large pots, but are still much lighter than cement pots of the same size. This makes them comfortable to move.

3. The sky is the Limit for Your Creativity

Your creativity has a lot of scopes when you make a hypertufa planter or garden decoration. You can make various shapes like angels, birds, carts or any other elements you want. And then you can decorate its surface in whatever way you like. You can make horizontal or vertical lines, give it the appearance of earth’s crust, draw various pictures like leaves, flowers or whatever you like when it’s still wet. You can use your metal tools and other garden elements like various types of leaves fallen from trees to create the impressions. You can even use a basket or any other thing you want as a mold and the hypertufa planter will take the imprint of basket-weave or the other thing you have used. You can even carve names on them and gift to your dear ones; or you can carve names of their contents like Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and so on for easy identification.

4. Affordable Cost

With this product, the costs of hypertufa planter and planters and others are relatively inexpensive as this product takes you through the quick and easily obtainable recipe needed.

5. Producing objects that can withstand Extreme Weather Elements

The product will enable you to acquire the techniques and tricks to make hypertufa objects that can withstand extreme weather elements that can last longer.

Hypertufa How To Manual eBook
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