Real Estate Development Made Easy

About The Book

Real Estate Development Made Easy is an eBook course written by Colm Dillon for property investors wanting to learn how to successfully do property development. The book is geared towards helping readers use property development as a vehicle for building wealth. From the book, you will get to learn how to start a real estate business even without large capital.

Real Estate Development Made Easy will end your frustration in the business of the real estate. Upon completing the course, you will start getting big projects and be able to practice your business skills and creativity along the way.

About The Author Of The Book

Colm Dillon grew up in a small village in Ireland. His family struggled financially though his dad was a pharmacist. After his father died, things turned to the worst, and he promised himself to do something to change the he joined the air force at 15, trained as an engineer and stayed in forces for 12 years. After leaving the force, he decided to try real estate, and he falls in love with it.

Colm Dillon is a real estate development expert and coach with over 30 years of experience in the industry. His main focus is developing large real estate projects and structures such as residential resorts, office complexes, residential resorts, and land subdivisions. After retiring from real estate development, Dillom decided to commit most of his time conducting research on real estate and sharing his wisdom and knowledge to real estate beginners. Soon, he discovered that there was no any good course and material on real estate for newbies and that is how he decided to come up his own resources. Dillom also has two other books in real estate.

What Is Included In The Course?

Real Estate Development Made Easy System is structured in a way that even total beginners can read, understand, and start applying the skills in real-life situations. When you order the book, you will discover the following:

  • Being a professional developer: This is the first chapter of the book and it guides you on what it means being a real estate developer. It lays the foundation for your future real estate dealings.
  • A developer’s No. 1 subject: Start learning what you should know about real estate.
  • The market big picture: Learn the ins and the outs of the real estate market.
  • Where to get your local market data
  • Market research

The Benefits Of The Ebook

Real Estate Development Made Easy is a comprehensive guide that can help you make significant profits. The book comes with many benefits including:

  • It covers all aspects of real estate development that even those with no prior real estate knowledge can understand.
  • The eBook can be purchased in the format of a CD for those who don’t want to read or are having reading disabilities.
  • The CD version is easy to learn, many people learn better y listening.
  • The tutorials are made by someone with extensive knowledge of real estate development, meaning the tips and instructions works.
  • It is easy to obtain
  • The author claims that the course will put your 99% ahead of other developers.
  • The system is ‘safety first.’
  • Because of the knowledge, you will get, you will crush your competition in the market with your speed and continuity of action.
  • After learning from the book, you can get to focus on things you thoroughly enjoy and are best for your business.
  • You will start experiencing SNOWBALL effect in your business and the money-making momentum will be life-changing.
  • The book will also help you develop marketing skills to propel your real estate business to the new level.

Who is this system for?                                                 

Generally, anybody can use Real Estate Development Made Easy. But while the author shared his humble beginning story, it does not mean that it will work just for anyone. One has to have a desire for something better. Provided you have the desire, this course will definitely benefit you. However, this course was designed with the following people in mind.

  • This system is perfect for the complete beginners who want to cut their teeth in real estate development.
  • The people who have tried everything but seem not to be able to get a development business off the ground.
  • It is also perfect for those who have an already successful real estate business.


  • It is readily available
  • It works for everyone
  • Designed by someone with over 30 years of experience


  • It may be overwhelming to beginners


Real Estate Development Made Easy is a great product for anyone who wants to start a career in real estate as well as those who already have a successful development business. The author has done a great job including just the important things and cutting out the unnecessary theory that schools would teach you. The system has many reviews, which means it works as intended by the author.

Real Estate Development Made Easy
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