Builders Stores And Materials

Many materials will be needed for the building work, so where are they going to be stored? Consideration will have to be given to allowing the builder (if space is available) to bring in a store/small office, or possibly to vacating the garage to provide this accommodation. Having done this, where is the car to be parked whilst builders' trucks are in and out? If these things are not thought through it will be a considerable shock when a builders' merchant's lorry turns up and starts to crane packages of wood and sheet materials onto the garden.

It will undoubtedly be necessary to have one of the rubbish skips now so commonly seen parked in or near the premises, and this may need to go just where you were considering parking the car, having removed it from the garage! Lorry access for deliveries and for the builder will need to be maintained at all times during working hours. Safety lighting may be necessary at night if an obstruction is left in the highway overnight.

Finally, because of the hammering and the activity in the loft space during the creation of the attic, it is almost inevitable that some cracking of ceilings, and ceiling-to-wall joints will occur in the building below, making redecoration necessary. Dust also, however careful the builder is in providing dustproof screens, will penetrate into the whole of the building. Thought must therefore be given to the probability of having to redecorate at least the ceilings of the building below.

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