Detail two

Detail two above requires little description. There is no timber structure to the roof beyond the last common rafter on the inside of the gable end. As stated earlier, the roof tiles are simply bedded on to the brickwork gable and giving a minimal overhang, with gaps between the tiles and brickwork and the laps of the tiles simply being pointed with cement mortar.

Most of the principal tile manufacturers now have what they term to be a 'dry verge' system. These systems use plastic extruded units to form a simple but neat and weatherproof gable and trim where no barge board is required.

A further option available from the tile manufacturers is to use a special verge tile, which in visual effect folds the tiles over the end of the roof down onto the brickwork again giving a neat weatherproof and maintenance-free finish. No timber work is involved in either of the proprietary systems.

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