Panels insulated panels and cassette constructed attics

Roof panels and cassette construction continue the current trend towards factory produced engineered timber components. In principle they are a panel comprised of rafter and decking or multiple purlin and decking, i.e. prefabricated structural components running from wall plate to ridge or gable to gable (or some other internal cross roof supporting wall). The simplest prefabrication is a panel comprised of ply or similar sheathing fixed to rafters; the insulated panel is as above but with insulation usually a weatherproof rigid foam applied between the rafters. The cassette is a more complete component in that it provides water resistant sheathing, insulation encapsulated in an integral ceiling, i.e. a component with waterproof sarking or upper cladding, the structure in the form of the joists, insulation, and a ceiling which is either ready for decoration, or can have some other decorative cladding applied over it.

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