Preparation of the store area

Trussed rafter manufacturers invariably deliver the components to an agreed time schedule to the builder. For this reason there is no excuse for the site staff not being ready to receive the components. Preparation of the storage area, particularly on larger building sites, should be carried out well before delivery, and on the very largest sites a permanent truss storage system built as part of the site set-up (see Fig. 8.3).

A simple scaffolding frame is all that is required to support this relatively light component, with main bearers placed at approximately wall plate position and possibly further bearers placed at approximately bottom chord third point positions. It is fully appreciated that more than one truss span is required on any one individual site, but careful consideration of the plans will give a satisfactory set of support positions. Having set out the horizontal supports, which should be at least 300 mm off the ground, a triangulated vertical support system should be placed at the back of

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CO 00 til the intended stack, giving support to the trussed rafters at approximately their quarter span points. This back support should be inclined backwards away from the horizontal bearers to prevent individual trusses falling forward and causing damage.

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