SC5 now C27

• Softwood grades now range as follows: C14, C16, C18, C22, C24, C27 (and TR6 for trussed rafters), C35 and C40;

• Hardwood grades are now: D30, D35, D40, D50, D60 and D70. Most roof structural softwood timber will fall in the range C16/C24 plus of course TR26 for trussed rafters.

The second edition of this book at this juncture mentioned the new European Standards. It is true to say that some have been introduced, such as Euro code 5 and harmonisation has continued between British and European codes, hence the BSEN prefix now being used. However, at the house extension, alteration and repair end of the market, the SC3-SC5 strength classes still apply and are commonly in use.

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