This chapter examines ways of converting three of the main roof construction types and also roof replacement as a possible solution to the problem of providing additional accommodation in the roof space. In all cases the author has assumed that the roof structure is sound and that repairs are not necessary. Should this not be the case then these will be the subject of separate careful inspection and specification for the work. It is assumed that roof coverings are also sound and that structural supports have been checked and are capable of carrying the additional dead loads (those from the structure itself) and the live loads of furniture and occupants. The roof types to be examined are:

Having examined the above roof types, consideration will be given to the possibility of a replacement roof structure which may be necessary if the roof shape is totally inadequate to provide usable space, or if the roof structure is in such a bad condition that repair is considered to be uneconomical. In all cases, a simple gable-to-gable straight ridge roof will be considered.

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