Roulette Winning Strategies

Roulette Winning Betting Strategies Revealed

Roulette Winning Betting Strategies Revealed

All of us want to win when playing at casino, but unfortunately almost99 of casino players lose at last. Is this means that we cant win at Casino? Although its true that there is no 100 guaranteed formulas that can enable us towin at casino, but if we play smartly, we should be able to make some good money from casinos.

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The Roulette System

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Luxury And Catastrophe

2 J.L.Smith, Running Scared The Life and Treacherous Times of Las Vegas Casino King Steve Wynn, New York, Barricade Books, 1995, p. 244. Playing Shadow Creek by invitation may demand a healthy expenditure of over 100, 000 at the tables of Mirage Resort Casinos. Otherwise play is restricted to friends. The souvenir publication is 40. Risk has become an everyday encounter in modern economies. The balancing of risk was the preserve of a few investors as recently as the last century, but today active participation in investment markets, and the awareness of the consequences, is commonplace. This has made the percentages represented by the gaming tables more respectable, and the casinos have changed their emphasis, paradoxically, toward value for money presenting a high-quality supportive environment where gaming means quality time. Gaming offers a more luxurious space for waste than the literal burning of dollars, and what appear to architectural eyes as wasteful, excessive, vulgar...

Dilemmas for Singapore

Another dimension of the easy money over substance debate was the decision to develop two 'integrated resorts' in Marina South and Sentosa, which combine casinos within a leisure resort. Aimed at attracting tourists, especially from China, and increasing tax revenues, there are, however, restrictions. The Singapore leadership acknowledged the downsides and promised there would be safeguards to limit the social impact of casino gambling, such as restrictions on admitting the local population into the casinos. For example, family members of a patron may block them from entering and gambling. The very high entrance fee of SGD100 per entry or SGD2000 every year are prohibitive. A system of exclusions includes not being allowed to extend credit to the local population. As the large US casino and retail developers hover over Singapore, they promise

Sexuality and Public Space

Las Vegas has matured into a city almost totally lacking in traditional forms of urban public space (Sorkin 1999). In 1972, the architects Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour described an auto-centered city where main street was devoid of pedestrians and the agora was found in the vast spaces of the casinos. It is no coincidence that Hunter Thompson's (1971) savage journey to the heart of the American Dream in Las Vegas was conducted from behind the wheel of the great red shark. The phenomenal city growth of the 1980s and 1990s only reinforced this pattern, producing a vast sprawl of gated residential enclaves (Gottdiener et al. 1999 Sorkin 1999). Although the theatrical architecture of the new casinos has drawn a flow of pedestrians along the Strip, this can hardly be viewed as meaningful public space (Parker 2000). Park space is woefully lacking (Parker 1999), and the city's strategic plan calls for less rather than more, proposing to link public open space to...

From Rome to Las Vegas

There are other parallels between Rome and LasVegas their expansive settings in the Campagna and in the Mojave Desert, for instance, that tend to focus and clarify their images. On the other hand, Las Vegas was built in a day, or rather, the Strip was developed in a virgin desert in a short time. It was not superimposed on an older pattern as were the pilgrim's Rome of the Counter-Reformation and the commercial strips of eastern cities, and it is therefore easier to study. Each city is an archetype rather than a prototype, an exaggerated example from which to derive lessons for the typical. Each city vividly superimposes elements of a supranational scale on the local fabric churches in the religious capital, casinos and their signs in the entertainment capital. These cause violent juxtapositions of use and scale in both cities. Rome's churches, off streets and piazzas, are open to the public the pilgrim, religious or architectural, can walk from church to church. The gambler or...

Main Street and the Strip

A street map of Las Vegas reveals two scales of movement within the gridiron plan that of Main Street and that of the Strip. The main street of Las Vegas is Fremont Street and the earlier of two concentrations of casinos is located along three of four blocks of this street. The casinos here are bazaar-like in the immediacy to the sidewalk of their clocking and tinkling gambling machines. The Fremont Street casinos and hotels focus on the railroad depot at the head of the street here the railroad and main street scale of movement connect. The depot building is now gone, replaced by a hotel, and the bus station is now the busier entrance to town, but the axial focus on the railroad depot from Fremont Street was visual, and possibly symbolic. This contrasts with the Strip, where a second and later development of casinos extends southward to the airport, the jet-scale entrance to town.

Time Saver Standards for Urban Design369

However, these casinos have much in common because they are under the same sun, on the same Strip, and perform similar functions they differ from other casinos say, on Fremont Street and from other hotels that are not casinos, as indicated in Fig. 18. Service stations, motels, and other simpler types of buildings conform in general to this system of inflection toward the highway through the position and form of their elements. Regardless of the front, the back of the building is styleless, because the whole is turned toward the front and no one sees the back. The gasoline stations parade their universality. The aim is to demonstrate their similarity to the one at home your friendly gasoline station. A motel is a motel anywhere. But here the imagery is heated up by the need to compete in the surroundings. The artistic influence has spread, and Las Vegas motels have signs like no others. Their ardor lies somewhere between the casinos and the wedding...

Risk and uncertainty

The relationship between risk and uncertainty is not immediately apparent. Figure 11.6 attempts to illustrate this relationship more clearly. Not all situations that have a high degree of uncertainty will entail a high level of risk, and vice versa. For example, fortune telling has a high degree of uncertainty but involves little if any risk. In contrast, Russian Roulette, because of its limited possibilities (i.e. one gunshot out of a maximum of six may be fatal), is a highly dangerous and hence very risky activity. It is hypothesized here that adaptation work occupies the central location of the diagram because in relative terms it has a medium level of risk and uncertainty.

Tower of the Arabs

- somehow hiding the inescapable and harsh reality of the surrounding desertscape. Edward McBride, expressing the official architectural reaction to this project, noted that the hotel is symptomatic of an era where 'the medium is the message' although unlike in Las Vegas, where one has roulette wheels, magic shows or night clubs, here the 'spectacle' is the structure itself (McBride, 2000). He further noted the projects exclusiveness '. . . the management has tried to heighten the hotel's allure by preventing people from visiting it' (p. 118). He describes it as a 'ritzy haven from Arabia's sandstorm' and that the hotel has become a symbol of 'the triumph of money over practicality' by 'elevating style over substance' (p. 125). The project was thus designed from the top down by starting from a desired image and moving to its physical manifestation. Such a reaction is typical from professional architectural circles yet it belies the real intention behind the creation of these icons

Las Vegas

It was not until the 1940s, however, that Las Vegas began to shed its dusty frontier image for the flashy modern resort image that persists today. The transformation was initiated by mobster Benjamin Bugsy Siegal, who brought a Miami Beach-style resort to the Mojave Desert with his lavish Flamingo casino and hotel. Although the Flamingo struggled financially at first and Bugsy was whacked, the formula was replicated in elaborate new casinos hotels built with Teamster pension funds and controlled by Mafia families. This was a city of pleasures contrived by and for the common man (Wolfe 1965), and each new casino offered the fantasy of an exotic time and place in the explicit semiotics of its pleasure-zone architecture (Venturi, Scott Brown, and Izenour 1972). Sex was an integral part of this world of pleasures. grease the high-roller action, and it was a good host's job to match weaponry with circumstance (quoted in Martinez 1999 201). Today's corporately controlled casinos keep...

Maps of Las Vegas

A conventional land-use map of Las Vegas can show the overall structure of commercial use in the city as it relates to other uses but none of the detail of use type or intensity. Land-use maps of the insides of casino complexes, however, begin to suggest the systematic planning that all casinos share (Fig. 15). Strip address and establishment maps can depict both intensity and variety of use (Fig. 16). Distribution maps show patterns of, for example, churches, and food stores that Las Vegas shares with other cities and those such as wedding chapels and auto rental stations that are Strip-oriented and unique. It is extremely hard to suggest that atmospheric qualities of LasVegas, because these are primarily dependent on Watts (Fig. 17a), animation, and


Let's move from the crusty smell of fast food to the antiseptic non-smell of electrical goods. Think of non-smelling computers, televisions and radio equipment, where only the rubbery connections exude a tiny whiff. However, changes are on the horizon to control our smell environment comprehensively. The Japanese communications ministry is investing large resources in creating the first 3D virtual reality television by 2020 to change the way we watch TV. It is proposed to have several thousand smells so as to create any mood. If that is frightening, consider that Las Vegas casinos already pump the smell of money on to the gambling floors dry, sweaty, sweet.