Bearing in mind the need to avoid delamination, the architect should seek advice from the manufacturer on the best type of adhesive related to the possible stresses that may be set up between the laminations, and to the requirements for heat resistance. Lap shear strength up to 28 000 kPa is possible with some adhesives. The relative costs of the different adhesives may not be significant relative to the total cost of the panel.

6.20 Curved laminated panels.

6.21 Plan of laminated panel as used at Danish Embassy London (architects: Arne Jacobsen, Dissing and Weitling).

There are three types of adhesive in widespread use for the production of laminated sandwich panels:

- neoprene contact adhesives;

- one- and two-part polyurethanes;

- one- and two-part epoxies.

It is sometimes difficult to bond mill-finished aluminium or galvanized steel because of the oxide layer on the surface, which must be removed or strengthened chemically. Although special polyurethanes are available, the problem is better solved prior to application of a thin coat of acid etch primer

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