Deep drawing

Where panels need to be pressed in three dimensions this can be done by deep drawing techniques. For example, panels at the Federal Technical College, Lausanne, Switzerland (architects: Zweifel and Strickler), were drawn into a three-dimensional shape

5.7 Stamping of metal in one operation, normally associated with automobile industry.

by Schmidlin (Fig. 5.1 I).The 1.8 m x 1.2 m pressed panels for the Sainsbury Centre were produced by TIC Superform by deep-drawing them round a shape using a special alloy of superplastic aluminium.

This proved to be a costly and difficult operation because of the depth of the panels (100 mm), and similar panels at Gatwick Airport North Piers and the Financial Times building, London, were produced with smaller reveals (20-40 mm) (Fig. 5.1 2).

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