Lockclad system

The Lockclad system, supplied In the UK by Red Bank, uses terracotta tiles made from English clay fixed to an aluminium lock rail. Each tile is securely and independently retained on the supporting rail by fixing clips, allowing individual tiles to be removed and replaced. Rainwater penetrating the rainscreen is collected by the tray that forms the top of the sigma rail. It is then efficiently drained to the front face of the facade at every horizontal joint. Openings should be suitably baffled to minimize the ingress of water and be protected with mesh against birds and vermin. They can be expensive to detail.

The sizes available from Red Bank are: heights (including I 0 mm joint) I 85 mm, 200 mm, 210 mm, 225 mm, 235 mm, 250 mm and widths 210 mm-400 mm.

2.6 Typical detail of terracotta panel used as a rainscreen.

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