Metal stamping

Pressing of sheet metal in one operation is more difficult, and the panels formed in this manner in the UK are normally restricted to 2 m x I m. Such panels were produced for the parapet units at the Brunei Centre by Dowty Boulton Paul Ltd, and are typical of panels formed by metal-forming techniques (Fig. 5.6). These techniques are normally associated with the

Forming of metal 93

S.6 Brunel Centre, Swindon (architects: Douglas Stephen/Building Design Partnership).

automobile industry, where the cost of the stamp can be amortized over a large number of identical units (Fig. 5.7).The steel panels for the Milton Keynes factory Kiln Farm (architects: Milton Keynes Development Corporation) were also stamped out in one operation (Fig. 5.8). Aluminium sheets were stamped out for the Herman Miller extension, Bath (architects: Nicholas Grimshaw Partnership), 2.4 m x 1.2 m, by the Kinain workshop.The panel can be stamped as a 'tray' in one operation, as against brake pressing, which can form only one edge at a time (Fig. 5.9).With large panels, it is normal to stamp profiles and then brake press to form edges. Details of the panel joint are shown in Figure. 5.1 0.

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