Production methods

Process methods that have so far been developed for the fabrication of GRC components are spray and premix. Premix processes are those where the constituents are mixed together into a paste and subsequently formed by casting, press moulding or slip forming. Spray processes, in which wet mortar paste and chopped glass fibre are simultaneously deposited from a dual spray-head into a suitable mould, currently account for a large percentage of GRC production.

The properties of GRC premix are inherently different from, and usually inferior to, those of sprayed-up GRC, because more air is introduced into the mixture, and there is less control over the fibre orientation.Thus for cladding panels spray processes

4.2 Typical hand lay-up operation.

are normally used.Three ways of spraying GRC are available:

- manual spray;

- mechanized spray;

- spray-dewater process.

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