Shape of precast concrete cladding panels

The principal types of non-loadbearing panel are storey height and spandrel units (Fig. 1.1 8).These are either of uniform thickness or coffered at their edge to provide a jointing profile. Most panels employ strengthening 'ribs' as beams to transfer dead and vertically applied loads to the structure; the panel 'web' then acts as a slab spanning between these beams.

1.17 Principal lifting devices: (a) shackle; (b) loop; (c) collared eye; (d) clip-on.

1.18 Strengthening ribs and support nibs on storey height and spandrel units.

External cover

Zone for reinforcement

Internal cover

Concrete grade

External cover Reinforcement zone Internal cover Total depth

50 25 25 100

40 25 20 85

1.19 Panel web thickness (mm) related to zone for reinforcement and cover for two types of concrete mix.

The shape of the precast concrete cladding units is therefore related to:

- panel web thickness;

- horizontal support/restraint nibs;

- vertical strengthening ribs.

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