VARTM moulding

The latest techniques for moulding include Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTM). This is a process where the resin is pulled through a prepared layer of dry fibre - which can also be pre-coloured -using vacuum.

Together with Octatube, who were responsible for the steel structures and glazing, this technique was used by Holland Composites Industrials to manufacture the roof panels for the Yitzhak Rabin Centre in Tel Aviv (architect: Moshe Safte) where seventy different-shaped panels were made on cost-effective disposable polystyrene moulds using a large CNC milling machine.

The architect's computer model served as input for the CNC milling process, and thus determined the shapes of the roofs.The different segments were made with VARTM and later bonded together on site to obtain the wing-shaped roof. Finally, a finishing topcoat was applied before installation of the roofs onto the building.

3.26 On site assembly and bonding of roof segments by Holland Composites Industrials.

3.27 Installation of lower wing by Holland Composites Industrials and Octatube at Yitzhak Rabin Centre.

3.29 Assembly of sandwich panels into a monocoque Spacebox structure at Holland Composites Industrials.

VARTM moulding 67

3.28 Overall view ofYitzhak Rabin Centre in Tel Aviv by Holland Composites Industrials.

3.30 Placement of Spaceboxes as student accommodation in Amersfoort by Holland Composites Industrials.

3.3 I Protection of panels using plastic coating during installation.

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